Things are Headed South

What’s written below is neither necessary, nor usually nice, but it might save some counseling fees to air things out in the southern sun.

I Like the Imaginary Trump

As I worked today, the news played in the background. The news, after all, inspires much of this web log. It’s an occupational hazard. As I was listening to today’s press conference, Donald Trump appeared on Capitol Hill for the first time since the Jan. 6 siege, I realized “I like this man very much.”

In this press conference, as in his MAGA rallies, we learn that when he’s president in 2025, USA will…

  • be rid of the Russian ships near Cuba
  • have no inflation and plenty more jobs, and
  • have great unity among Republicans (a diverse clan that includes those who blatantly blamed Trump for the Jan. 6 siege immediately afterward, including names such as Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy)

We also learn that Donald Trump…

  • will make America great again and again and again
  • will be a president who keeps all his promises
  • knows all the “bad,” “very bad,” “terrible,” and “horrible” people, and is opposed to all of them, and
  • tells all the truths while his opponents tell all the lies

Really, what more could one want? ❤️

The only problem is that this Trump is imaginary. I think he and I imagine the same imaginary Trump. However, there is a real person, a real Donald Trump, making him truly duplicitous.

The real Trump’s history would never bear the weight of his imagined promises. In fact, his actions are often antithetical to what he says. For example, he said he would “drain the swamp” in 2016 only to appoint Scott Pruitt, someone keen on the oil industry, to lead the EPS. Pruitt was soon to resign under multiple investigations, proving that replacement swamp monsters can be larger than the ones drained out. You might fall in love with an imaginary woman or man, but don’t dare marry that person because only real people get married, just as only real people hold office.

From other posts on this site, it’s clear I’m not in love with Joe Biden or the Democratic platform, either. So what about the imaginary Biden? No offense, Joe, but I cannot imagine you being different from what you are. That makes you monotonous.